Seasonal menu of Czech cuisine

The Karlstejn Restaurant offers mainly classic Czech cuisine

Restaurant Penzion Karlštejn

The Karlstejn Restaurant offers mainly classic Czech cuisine, which is complemented by a seasonal menu of international cuisine.

The Czech cuisine ua complemented by several types of draft beer, good coffee and homemade desserts. 

Restaurant opening hours: MON - SUN: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm


MENU 15.03.2019 - 24.03.2019


Lentils soup with carrot and bread croutons

45 CZK

100 g Fried feta cheese in sesame seeds, tomatoes, pita bread

85 CZK

80 g Beef carpaccio with Parmesan cheese

125 CZK


150 g Fallow deer on beer with pepper, mashed potatoes

165 CZK

200 g Beef tartare, garlic bread

165 CZK

400 g Roasted ribs of pork on honey 

165 CZK

150 g Sous vide pork neck, cabbage, dumplings

125 CZK

150 g Fried pork fillet with ham and eggs, french fries

145 CZK

400 g Grilled chicken wings, bread

145 CZK

150 g Turkey medallions on curry, rice

125 CZK

150 g Hungarian fish perkelt, steamed rice

145 CZK

1 pc Fried Ermine cheese with cranberries dip, french fries

125 CZK

250 g Pies with brynza cheese and potatoes, decorated with roasted bacon and onion

95 CZK

1 pc Pita bread with Feta cheese, olives, vegetable

55 CZK


Baked apple in puff pastry with vanilla sauce

55 CZK


35 CZK




* Half size portions available on request, costing 70% of the original price.

The last meal order is available 30 minutes before closing time.

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Location under the most visited Karlštejn castle

A tourist paradise near Prague

The romantic valley of the river Berounka in the landscape of the Bohemian Kras

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